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"Miss Frost! Mr. Shaw needs those projections before lunch, and then he wants you to be on the trading floor the rest of the time today," Johann - another intern but from NYU - blurted out as he skidded into the office all the Shaw Industries interns shared. "He says you're his lucky penny, and he wants to see another fifty grand before close."

Emma wasn't headblind or stupid )

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It was a box that Leland put on his desk, and Shaw raised one eyebrow in silent question.  

"The Frost girl," Harry answered bluntly.  "Bloody hell, Shaw, you could have warned me that she was a slippery one.  I'm not quite convinced she's real after all this."

it's like she dropped off the grid for years. )

"For now, we invited her to the Yule Ball, let's see if she takes the bait."  Shaw smiled and Harry Leland shook his head in amusement.  "Time to see if she's up for the slightly more sordid side of Hellfire."  
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"This is not acceptable!" a dark-haired woman shouted as a vase met an untimely end against a wall. "There is a telepath in New York; a young, female psion of great promise, we've known about her for years, and you've done nothing to reel her in as you said you would, Shaw. She should be mine by now."

We upset her tidy little sense of safety at that boarding school of hers by leaking her location to the sister, and in the process learned a great deal about what Miss Frost is willing to do in the name of self-preservation )

"Now," --a serving girl entered, eyes on the floor as she carried a tray with a bottle of wine and glasses to her masters. "Let's work on real business, Selene, and cease your tantrum. How goes your 'Nova Roma' project?"

[OOC: Emma's been cut-off Portalocity-wise as of this post! Phone/email still work (for now) but no one's getting in or out of her universe.]


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