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Two students, an alumni, and the Fremen teacher...

The Characters:

Child of Love: Aino Minako (Student)
Canon: Post Codename: Sailor V, pre Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon
Original infopost here.

☪ Left just before Thanksgiving for a Yoma family emergency in Japan, and thinks she's only been gone a weekend. Is going to be devastated to discover she missed the Drama final.

☪ Tall, blonde, blue-eyes, beautiful, and highly athletic, Aino Minako is an outgoing girl who loves sports and is not quite as fond of academic subjects! Oops!

☪ Also sekkritly a Guardian of Love a Justice - Sailor Venus!

☪ Minako's greatest love is pop culture. She desperately wants to be an idol, and so makes a hobby of chasing them and attending auditions in acting, dancing, and singing whenever possible. Or to go out for the Olympic volleyball team! She's really that good.

☪ Enjoys Oolong tea, curry rice, ramen noodles, and stuffed dumplings, but loathes shiitake mushrooms. Her favorite colors are red, pink, orange, and yellow, and usually dresses accordingly.

☪ Always by Minako's side is Artemis, a white cat. Artemis is the feline guardian and adviser to Sailor Venus, and acted as such to her previous incarnation as Princess Venus. He can talk, he just won't do so around you.

☪ If you get funky vibes off non-humans, you'd get them off Artemis - he's an alien space-cat! Minako is also slowly transforming from regular-human into full-blooded Venusian, AND she's the reincarnation of a princess who was the reincarnation/avatar of the goddess Venus, so she might be a little odd, too.

The Deadly Courtesan: Surreal SaDiablo (Student)
The Black Jewels, Early canon.
PB: Aishwarya Rai

♥ Surreal is seventeen-ish and angry. If you own a copy of Daughter of the Blood, flip to page 65, section three, and continue until you hit page 75. That, right there, is exactly when Surreal is coming from in canon.

♥ Has dark skin, long black hair, delicately pointed ears and gold eyes, with a hint of green. She would be capable of passing as Hayllian, were it not for her pointed ears, easily covered up by her hair, or the hint of green in her eyes. And while she's 17-ish, she easily looks around her 20s.

♥ Will usually just introduce herself as Surreal; does not tend to use Kartane's surname to avoid drawing attention to herself.

♥ Likes knives. A lot. She's been training with them since she could walk (it's a Dea al Mon specialty), and is never without at least one. She's a fair hand at poisons, too, having assisted her mother and Tersa as a child. If you go in the Magic Box? DON'T TOUCH WHAT'S COOKING. This what Tara gets for leaving her in charge.

♥ Has not adopted contemporary dress. Tends to wear leather pants, blouses, and corsets.

♥ Has issues with males. Look at her face, not her breasts, or she will cut you. Kinda-dating Cara, who also might cut you if you keep staring at Surreal's breasts.

♥ Her adoptive guardian-figure is Daemon Sadi, better known as The Sadist. Who is the half-brother of Lucivar Yaslana, who appointed himself thumper-of-Karla. Here's where things get timey-wimey: Surreal is pre-canon for all the witches at Fandom High. It'll be another three hundred and fifty years before the events that take place in Daughter of the Blood.

♥ Wears the Birthright Green, with all the powers incorporated therein. HOWEVER. Unlike damned near everyone else in the series, she is NOT a Queen. Or a Healer. Or a Black Widow or anything like that. Although Titian was a Queen and a Black Widow, castes don't always get passed down. A few more years and she'll mature to the Grey and be a threat to be reckoned with, but she doesn't exactly have the nurturing instincts that some of the Fandom witches do.

The Princess Royal: Ghanima Atreides
Children of Dune Miniseries, Post-Canon.
PB: Jessica Brooks
Spotlight on Fandom is here.

♠ Ghanima is one of those people whom it is hard to miss. Tall, blonde, and striking, with the deep blue-on-blue glowing eyes (yes, they are VERY NOTICEABLE) of the Fremen of Dune. She carries a crysknife with her at all times, and she moves like a hunter.

♠ Ghanima is the daughter of Paul Atreides and his Fremen concubine Chani, step-daughter to previous student/townie ([ profile] irulan_atreides), and the twin sister to Leto Atreides II ([ profile] future_sandworm). Timeline-wise, she's from Leto's present and is just a bit behind Irulan. Oh, Fandom Weird, how we love you.

♠ She is the Princess Royal of the Known Universe, Empress of the Imperium, and a potential harbinger of the Golden Path. Currently, she's a liberal arts teacher at Fandom High.

♠ Has absolutely no qualms about stabbing you in the back. Ghanima has a strong sense of morality and duty, it's just that her morals are very very different than yours. Oh, and if you threaten her students, you're dead. You just don't know it yet.

♠ Ghanima is Pre-born; her mother, Chani, consumed so much melange during her pregnancy that Leto and Ghanima awoke to full, adult consciousness before birth, receiving the genetic memories of both their male and female ancestors. This means she has voices in her head. Lots and lots of voices, and they're all real. She's got excellent mental shielding, but probably would register strangely to any telepathic abilities.

♠ Ten-thousand years in her future, a Duncan Idaho ghola will mention that "the Tleilaxu history said Ghanima had died after a relatively normal life." The Tleilaxu obviously never heard of Fandom.

The Telepathic Alumni: Emma Grace Frost
X-Men/Generation X, Pre-Canon.
PB: Jessica Stam
Please go here to let me know if Ems could read your character

♦ Emma comes from the 'Marvel' canon of OMGWTF (Marvel 616). Land of the retcon, home of the mutants, and a general migraine for anyone who believes in pesky things like 'continuity' and 'in character'.

♦ This Emma is twenty, and does not dress as sluttishly as her adult 616 counterpart yet. She prefers nice designer clothes that accentuate the fact she's pretty, but please do not mod her into wearing low-cut tops or outlandishly short skirts.

♦ In her sophomore year at Empire State University, with a triple major in business, human development, and psychology. She took a lot of online courses over the summer to keep up and graduate on time, and she's actually almost done with all her business classes.

♦ Lived at 33 Apocalypse Avenue for the summer with Kaidan Alenko, Jack Priest and Ronan Nolan.

♦ A telepath of high ability, Emma can read and project thoughts, change memories, plant illusions in the minds of others, commits accidental dreamwalking, and has various and sundry other psionic gifts she's working on. Her secondary mutation of shapeshifting into an organic diamond form has already triggered because a house fell on her and Alex Karev. Oops. There's psi-lightning and TK in there too, but those only tend to come out when she's been drugged out of her brain and institutionalized against her will, and she doesn't actually remember using them.

EMMA LACKS TELEPATHIC ETHICS. I really can't stress this enough. She's got no qualms about taking what she finds and using it to her advantage. She's not actively cruel (usually), she's just very bitter over the fact that people often say one thing and think another, and she loves hanging such hypocrites out to dry.

That said, once you're a friend, you're a friend for life, and you've got a damn scary little blonde that will do anything for you.

The Non-Fictional
The Player

Answers to Ahddie, Ahds, Hey You, and almost anything else directed at me. If you take my Lucky Charms, I'll cut you.

I do not do the Teen Wolves, but my current guilty pleasure is Moretsu Pirates (Bodacious Space Pirates). No, seriously, it's fantastic.

Library muppet, theatre geek, fake-ginger, a little bit nuts and a professional enabler.

I live with my cats (Circe & Toph) and my boyfriend (The Lad) of seven years in the land of CST. My house is filled with books and comics!

I tend to lose my shoes. While at work. No, I don't know how I do it either.

Previously played [ profile] dojima_hime, [ profile] death_of_hope, [ profile] gorka_wolf, and [ profile] ofthe_wilds. Plus numerous NPCs to enable people, because that's what I do.

And yes, I'm a dirty enabling ho, with a filthy brain. And I like it.
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