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Emma Grace Frost ([personal profile] icecoldfrost) wrote2013-10-17 11:30 am

Shaw Industries Upper Offices, Emma's New York [Thursday Morning]

"Miss Frost! Mr. Shaw needs those projections before lunch, and then he wants you to be on the trading floor the rest of the time today," Johann - another intern but from NYU - blurted out as he skidded into the office all the Shaw Industries interns shared. "He says you're his lucky penny, and he wants to see another fifty grand before close."

Emma's response was to shove her hair out of her eyes irritably before nudging her glasses back up her nose. "The projections for the solar investment, or the ones for the government contract?" she asked, giving Johann a gentle mental nudge to grab her another cup of coffee. "Fuck, the floor? I'm barely going to make it back to campus in time for my evening psych lab."

"Yeah, well, that's what you get for trying to take a full course load on top of an internship like this," he answered with no sympathy, although he was starting a fresh pot of coffee for her. "Besides, I think he's hoping that you being there will be enough of a sensation it will throw some of the other brokers off their game."

"Gee, thanks. It couldn't actually be because I'm brilliant, could it?" Emma retorted. "Which projections, Johann?"

"He just said 'projections.' I'm not a mind-reader," he said with a shrug. "Go ask him yourself, but I think he's in a private meeting now."

Lie. Emma could hear him lying. Shaw had said the solar project, and Johann was just trying to screw with her, but it wasn't personal. Which was fine, she would do the same to him in a heartbeat. All the interns at Shaw Industries would. They knew they were competing for limited positions with the company post-graduation. "Fine, I'll send him solar as soon as I'm done, and luckily I finished the other one last night." It was a lie, she wasn't done with the DoD timetables or projections, but thinking she had done it ahead of schedule would tick Johann off. "He can have two at once, and then I'll head over to Wall Street." And grab a hotdog on the way. She was starving.

"Kiss-ass," he said matter-of-factly, no rancor in his voice as he handed over the coffee. "I'm going to start insisting we have decaf only in here. I think regular coffee fuels that infernal engine of your brain."

"Jealous much? You don't want to see me on espresso," she answered cheerfully, attaching all her documents to an email to the research division and copying Mr. - no - Sebastien. He had insisted that she call him Sebastien instead of Mr. Shaw once he had 'discovered' she was a member of the Hellfire Club's Youth Leaders program.

'Discovered' her ass. He was one of the ones who'd been watching her. Emma wasn't headblind or stupid.

Her computer beeped, and Emma gave a very undignified whoop and pumped her fist in the air. "Solar is off to R&D! Screw it, sending DoD will need to wait, the deadline isn't until next week anyway. I have to go freshen up if I'm expected to be on the floor." Yes, her suit was perfectly acceptable, but the messy ponytail and glasses from being at work for six hours already needed some glamorization. "You coming?"

"Me?" Johann blinked at her, started. "On the floor?"

"Well, did he give you any other assignments besides playing message boy?" Emma asked dryly, gulping down her coffee and reaching up to pull out her ponytail and let her hair fall down around her shoulders, giving her head a good shake. "I'm not going to let you play broker, that's my job, but there are worse ways to spend the day than eavesdropping on bankers and investors with more cocaine than sense."

"Point." Johann went to grab his suit jacket from his desk. "I'm in."

"Great, then you get to call up the taxi service," Emma informed him, already finishing off her caffeinated goodness. "Let's go play God with other people's money."

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