icecoldfrost: (Waiting for My Moment)
Emma Grace Frost ([personal profile] icecoldfrost) wrote2014-01-13 10:21 am

Emma's Flat, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Monday Afternoon.

The wonderful thing about currently being a few weeks ahead of Fandom - in Emma's opinion - is that she had spring. Almost. For her, it was early March and her spring break, and the sun was out in New York. It also meant that Jack could leave his shift at Devil's Nest on his Monday night, and still show up in her world at a reasonable hour.

Her little flat was as tidy as a telepath on a binge Spring Cleaning Spree could manage (which was scary), and Emma was happily ensconced in her laptop, working away at her big psych paper for the term. Early. Because someone was an overachiever.

[OOC: Open for calls, texts, and That Boy.]

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