icecoldfrost: (girls' night out)
Emma Grace Frost ([personal profile] icecoldfrost) wrote2015-09-13 10:40 am

Emma's New York, September 13th, Mid-Morning

This was the most wonderful time of the year, at least as far as Emma Grace Frost was concerned.

She loved Christmas. New Year was amazing. The Met Gala was, as one of her former classmates would say, 'astral.' But New York Fashion Week was the pinnacle of all social events in this town, and was all of those events rolled into one.

"I'm telling you, there's no way we can get from Diane Von Furstenberg over to Jonathan Simkhai in time," she was saying into her phone. "--I'm a telepath, not a teleporter, Candy! There's a difference! I know we have invites to both, but we're going to have to pick one or split up and you have to deal with me in your head later to get a good look at whatever I missed."

"You're sure? Darling, you're a gem and I'll bring my flask. Now, about the after-parties..."

[OOC: NFB, open for calls, texts, etc. I can't NOT post JStam during NYFW."