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The fact of the matter was that college was fucking expensive, and while Emma's investments were by no means depleted, her checking account had dipped precariously low more than once. Point of fact, she currently had $25 to her name, and that had to feed her for the next two weeks, when a few stocks she'd been nursing would be ripe to sell.

Someone was going to be pulling a few telepathic dine-n-dashes for the next few days.

"You never told me that the books for my classes were going to be so expensive," she bitched into her phone, as she made faces at her budget sheet. "It ate into everything a lot, Hank."

"So did your various and sundry portals," the big man rumbled on the other end, and Emma was rather sure she heard the bone-saw in the background. "And your taste for expensive clothes, drinks, and parties at the Hellfire Club." Disapproval? Thy name was Hank. "You have to live like a student, Emma."

"This student has an image she has to maintain, if she's going to do the things she wants to do with her life," Emma snapped, teeth chewing on her lower lip. "And there's no on-campus housing for non-freshman...I'm going to need to find a way to pay for rent next year, dammit."

"You could come home...."

"No offense, Big Blue, but it's a little hard to study down there when you're playing mad scientist," Emma retorted cheerfully, affection softening her tone. "I'll find some squat in Brooklyn, I guess, and some sucker to split it with." Ew. Brooklyn. "So whip me up some sort of anti-roach thinggie...sooner rather than later, since I don't know how long they'll let me stay in the dorms."

"You are not living in Brooklyn," Hank rumbled. "Get a job, Emma."

"How, exactly, am I supposed to have a job as a full-time student with two majors, three minors, and my extra-curricular activities?" she asked plaintively. "'No, sorry Mr. Nishimoto, I can't come to the launch of your new polymer fabric being used in the new Thierry Mugler Haute Couture line because I have to flip fries?' Like hell."

"You need to compromise somehow and find a solution, Emma. Free housing doesn't appear by magic," Hank chided, but Emma was already tuning out the rest of what he was saying.

"Hank, you're a genius," she breathed, leaping off her bed to dig around her desk for a notebook.

"Of course I am...and why does that not reassure me?"

"Because magic is totally the solution, as much as I loathe it as a whole," Emma sang. "Fandom. I can probably rent a room from Ronan - if he'd even take the money," he wouldn't. And he'd feed her! "- and get one of my old jobs back. I earn money for next year, I save on housing, and I can train with my powers openly. It's ideal."

"One of these days you'll get eaten by one of those deer..."

"Don't fret at me," she pleaded, taking down notes. "Here. I'll call Karla and Ronan to see if it's even possible, before I start packing."

"You can't even afford a portal."

"I'll bring you a teal deer DNA sample."

There was a pause, then; "That's not fair, Emma."

"Never said I play fair, Big Blue."

[OOC:  NFB, phonecalls, texts OK, but am AFK & pinging from iPod after 5pm CST]

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