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Emma's Flat, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Wednesday Afternoon.

Classes were done for the day, and while normally Emma would be doing some stupid group team-building project with the other students in her human development class, she was skipping whatever stupid feel-good heart-to-heart nonsense the teacher had come up with this week. With an excuse! ...kinda! Candy was coming over once she was finished with work tonight so they could practice for summer internship interviews. Which meant Emma was putting away her groceries and prepping to make an utterly ridiculously large amount of tacos.

Look, she and Candy were growing girls. And they were not going to give in to the self-hate of the American media and body-image magazines. Because tacos. They were not just necessary to live, but to deal with the stupidity of the human race and their male counterparts who were jostling for the same jobs and complaining about how it was 'unfair' that the girls had the 'advantage' of being female.

No, Emma hadn't been experimenting to see if she'd suddenly developed psychokinesis last week in class, why did you ask? Really. Setting someone on fire with her brain, while potentially therapeutic, wasn't actually helpful.


[OOC: Open for calls, texts, you know the drill.]
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Emma's phone was ringing. Ringing, not just buzzing with a text. This was Urgent.

"It's happening again," Jack said when she picked up. "I can't lie."
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"I get out aggression by going to Pizza Planet and killing ninjas on the arcade console," Jack returned promptly. "I learned how to play when I was temporarily 14 but now I do it almost every week. Did this one hit you? What are your underpants like?"

The Guilty Pleasures question was more interesting, but Jack was sticking with the classic question.
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Jack snorted. "Is this a very charitable cabana girl?" he asked. "Because the last I knew, you had no money. Not that I didn't appreciate that mental image."
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"Oh, you know what I mean," Jack said. "The money babies haven't been born yet, and you're still eating ramen in a hole in the wall in Brooklyn. Hank's likely right about getting a job -- even if I would scam people constantly with your gifts."

He added, as an afterthought, "What does this stolen cabana girl look like?"
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"So get a job where it doesn't matter if you hate people," Jack suggested. "Make coffee drinks and spell everyone's names wrong. Wait tables and drop bowls of soup. And tell Candy I said hello, by the way. I liked her."
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"Snob," Jack said affectionately. "Let me know if I can help at all. I could wrangle Eric into writing a letter of recommendation, if you want."
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"Can detect a fake ID with a glance, doesn't ask too many stupid questions," Jack nodded. "What employer wouldn't appreciate it? Especially if you're applying to work as a dominatrix."

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Unlike poor Jack, Karla hadn't yet left her dorm room. She was lounging on her bed, painting her toenails, and bored. So she decided to call Emma, who always knew the best gossip and could make her laugh.

"Kiss kiss," she called. "Hello darling. Entertain me. I'm bored and I'm out of batteries."

That was not a tidbit she had intended to share.
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Karla gave her phone a very confused look. Why would she tell Emma that? And yet, when she opened her mouth it was to say, "You mean like how we may have aggravated a Red-Jeweled Priestess in Kaeleer by interrupting her shipment of landen children in a nasty fight?"


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You were the absolute worst, Emma.

"That's it! I think! I told you about going to war before Christmas, right?" Well, if she hadn't, it was on the table now.

"And--okay, I don't think you heard about the ghost ballet for Valentine's Day, but that wasn't my fault!"
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"Is not!" Karla sniffed. "Warren and I visited Wesley in LA because he had extra tickets to the ballet. It turns out that the owner of the ballet was evil and had trapped the soul of the prima ballerina in his magic amulet thing. Warren and I got stuck backstage and ended up possessed by the prima and her secret boyfriend, before getting attacked by evil minions. What part of that was my fault?"

Other than the second time they'd gotten possessed being her idea and all.

...Which she said aloud a second later.

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"They weren't actual ghosts possessing us," Karla muttered. "It was more...emotional hot-spots that we triggered by being there."

Because that made it all better.

"We managed to break out of both of them all right."
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"The part where we fought off the Priestess?" Karla sometimes clung to hope far longer than she really should. "Of course! He was there!"

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