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Emma's Flat, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Monday Afternoon.

The wonderful thing about currently being a few weeks ahead of Fandom - in Emma's opinion - is that she had spring. Almost. For her, it was early March and her spring break, and the sun was out in New York. It also meant that Jack could leave his shift at Devil's Nest on his Monday night, and still show up in her world at a reasonable hour.

Her little flat was as tidy as a telepath on a binge Spring Cleaning Spree could manage (which was scary), and Emma was happily ensconced in her laptop, working away at her big psych paper for the term. Early. Because someone was an overachiever.

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Jack shed his jacket as he walked from the subway/portal station to Emma's apartment, pausing once along the way to pick up an order from teh best Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood. It was still perhaps a bit chilly for shirt sleeves, but he was going to take advantage of the limited warmth while he could.

There was a distinct bounce in his step as he let himself into the apartment building and climbed up to Emma's floor. He opened her door slowly and said the three words every woman longs to hear:

"I brought dinner."
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"It wasn't that far a trip," Jack quibbled, though he wasn't wasting any time taking the food over to the tiny table and plopping himself into a chair. "Hi, hello, how are you, I missed you. And Señor Mao's beef with broccoli."
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"I even got a second order of it so I'd get a few bites," Jack said, a little laugh in his voice. "And vegetarian egg rolls, and a noodly thing or two."

Or four. Look, a werewolf and a mutant could eat plenty, and Señor Mao's leftovers were amazing.

"It's a good thing I don't live here all the time. We'd be single-handedly keeping them in business."
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"I say hi back to her," Jack said. He had finished unpacking the cartons and padded to the cupboard to take out the few utensils they'd need. "Tell her I think we should go dancing sometime."
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"Well, I am hot, but it's so strange to me that your friend is with Warren," Jack mused. "Have you ever told Karla?"
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"Different universes are never going to make much sense," Jack said, still shaking his head. "Still, it would be odd to meet him..."

He spread Chinese mustard down the length of his eggroll not dirty and went to peek at her laptop screen. "What's this one about?"
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Jack snorted. "Of course not. By which he means he doesn't agree with the data, or doesn't want to think that hard."
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"Clever. Meanwhile, I don't think I wrote 120 pages in total all last semester," Jack sighed. "Which I suppose is why you're speeding through college, and I'll likely be taking courses at 30."
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Jack returned the kisses and didn't even squabble too hard over the mustard.

"Any luck and I'll be done and set up in a law practice by then," he said. "You can be the scholar. I'll be the muscle. Or the beauty."
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"Sure," Jack said lightly. "Señor Mao's has to be an interdimensional portal, and I'd never need to go far for lunch."
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Jack took the chicken off the chopsticks with his lips, managed not to cough at the spice, and smirked at her as he chewed.

Swallowing, he said, "Those are accomplishments any woman could be proud of. Would you let me throw in on the Chinese food project?"
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"What if I put up most of the venture capital?" Jack wondered, and leaned over to retrieve a container of chow fun noodles. (Mmmm, nerd pillow talk.) "An idea's worth nothing if it's not properly funded, Miss Frost."
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Well, there went noodles up Jack's nose. He hoped Emma was pleased.

Once he had recovered: "I think you'll find my venture capital is quite adequate to fill any needs you might have."
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"I reinvest my dividends," Jack responded, grinning back. "I find taking them out too early's always a mistake."
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Jack's smile was angelic, if slightly smeared with garlic sauce. "Ah, then it's a good thing I've a great deal of experience taking care of very particular portfolios and ensuring they reap peak dividends."

He wasn't even sure what that nerd-porn metaphor meant, but it sounded good.
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Jack laughed, then leaned forward to kiss those fingertips. "Believe me, it would take a braver man than I to believe he understood the market completely," he said. "All I can hope is that it will move in my favor."
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"As I am the servant of the market, that would only please me," Jack said, dignified. "I work for it, and it works for me."
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Jack snickered back, then examined Emma thoughtfully.

"We should finish eating," he said, and stuck his chopsticks into his noodles with renewed vigor.
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Jack smiled half a smile. "Plenty of lawyers work for large banks," he said. "It's just a matter of everyone being clear where your loyalties lie."