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It seemed that Emma's future was catching up to her present.

She'd gotten a huge migraine a few days before, the likes of which she hadn't had to deal with since her manifestation, and today... today it was taking all her willpower not to tweak a few brains.

The simians. Utter cavemen. 'Mutants = cheaters,' 'Radioactive liars,' 'genetic terrorists.'

'Mutants are Hazards.'

A student protest, and Emma wanted to scream at the security guards to do something, and at least make the horrible people clear the sidewalk.

"Don't mind them, they've been at it all morning," a familiar voice said, and Emma turned to see Max Devreaux, from her business class. Mr. 'I don't understand why Emma won't date me.' A nice enough guy, sure, for a meathead, but Emma so wasn't interested.

"Hey Max," she said, and if her books were clutched a little tighter than normal, well, it's because any blonde co-ed finding herself faced with a sudden mob would be nervous. "So...I don't get it. What the heck are they supposed to be protesting?"

"Haven't you heard? Some star athlete in California was revealed to be a mutant."

"A...mutant?" The X-Men had just become active when Christian died and Emma ran away - had the profile of mutants really risen that drastically while she'd been away at Fandom? What else had she missed by leaving?

"Yeah, haven't you been reading the papers? Or watching the news?" Max asked. "These mutants...scientists are saying that they're supposed to be this new breed of human. The next rung on the evolutionary ladder. They've been popping up for the last year or so."

"But what makes them different from the rest of us?" Emma replied. "I mean, all this? Really?"

"They're born with strange, for lack of a better word, 'super-powers.' It makes 'em able to do things we can't, like fly through the air without wires, walk straight through solid walls, and read people's minds."

Emma could dimly hear Max fussing over her as her fingers went numb and her books went clattering to the ground. They knew. They knew. Someone out there knew telepathy was real, and maybe that meant no more little girls would be institutionalized if it turned out the voices they heard were real.

Except that wasn't the sense she was getting from the crowd.

If it were legal, I'd kill every last one of 'em. I can't stand those stinking muties! They're a bunch of no-good freaks, that's what they are. They think they're superior to us, but they're wrong! I wish they'd all just die so the world could go back to normal....

She babbled some platitude to Max about being fine, that it was just scary and took off for class.

Class wasn't much better. Emma couldn't keep her mind on the lesson, and she was nearly caught on it. "Emma?" Mason asked sharply. "Can you tell me which early home-schooling pioneer I'm referring to?"

"Uh..." it just took a second to glean the answer and Emma gave a wan smile. "John Holt?"

"Huh. For a moment there I thought you weren't paying attention." Emma wilted slightly. "Okay, does anyone have a question? Kai...?"

"Should mutants be allowed to go to school know...normal kids?"

Emma's head whipped around to glare at the brunette right behind her. "Well, why shouldn't they, Kai? Just because mutants are different doesn't mean they should be denied the same basic rights as everyone else. Everyone deserves an education."

"Who says?" another girl sitting in front of her asked. "Everything I've seen on TV says that mutants are a dangerous threat!"

"You believe everything you see on TV, Shannon?" Emma asked dryly, and there was some nervous tittering among some of the other students.

"When it comes to mutants? Definitely. Could you imagine some mutant bully on the playground vaporizing defenseless students for their milk money?"

"Not really, Shannon. No," Emma snapped. "And if that situation were to ever happen, the kid's problem would be that he's a sociopath, not a mutant." She turned her focus to the teacher, standing silently at the front of the room. "What do you think, Professor Mason? Should mutants be allowed to attend school with "normal" children?"

Not if I have anything to say about it.

Emma could barely contain her rage at the thought, blood pounding in her head and rushing through her ears so that she could barely hear Mason's verbal reply. "I refuse to have this discussion in my classroom, Emma, and that's all I'm going to say on the matter."

Oh, Emma knew exactly what you had to say, bitch. Loud and clear.

Which is why it was no surprise to anyone that knew her that Emma would take refuge in the library. Or, that once she'd found a secluded corner, that she'd whip out her Blackberry and start texting people.

Fucking bigots. Screw this, she was going back for Homecoming.

[OOC: NFB, open for calls, texts, etc. Chunks of text, characters, & plot swiped from Emma Frost, Issue 14, "Bloom," Part 2 of 6.]


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