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"This is not acceptable!" a dark-haired woman shouted as a vase met an untimely end against a wall. "There is a telepath in New York; a young, female psion of great promise, we've known about her for years, and you've done nothing to reel her in as you said you would, Shaw. She should be mine by now."

Sebastien Shaw did not seem even slightly perturbed by Selene's outburst. "Not everything has to be overly dramatic, my dear," he answered, flicking a bit of porcelain off his jacket. "Bits and pieces, or she'd suspect something. Miss Frost isn't stupid, she's young. There's a difference."

"We upset her tidy little sense of safety at that boarding school of hers by leaking her location to the sister, and in the process learned a great deal about what Miss Frost is willing to do in the name of self-preservation. What was the body-count for that fire again? Regardless, she's firmly estranged from the rest of the Frost clan, which leaves her vulnerable and means her finances - however she's acquiring them - are finite and not as great as she makes her net worth out to be. She worked at a sex shop at her old school to pay her bills this summer, which is either blackmail material or a good sign for us." And no, Selene, he wasn't going to tell you how he knew that.

"Two of her professors at Empire State our in our pocket, as is her landlord, and she's started attending our 'youth leaders' parties regularly, now that she's not needing to forge her invitations. Which, I must admit, I have yet to figure out how such an upstanding daughter of society picked up that particular skill, or how she got her clever little hands on our invitations to start with." Information which Leland still hadn't been able to obtain, much to Shaw's annoyance.

"You haven't even figured out who her little friends were that helped try to rob us blind," Selene snapped. "Or where she was between dropping out of Snow Valley and going to that boarding school."

"Most likely locked in her room by her family during her telepathic manifestation for the embarrassment of having a 'crazy' daughter so soon after the son getting thrown in the mental institution. Winston Frost could stand one disappointment, but his declared heir being...lacking so soon after her brother's public failures was not something the man would stand," Shaw answered, bored. "Calm down, Selene. We'll have a new playmate for you soon enough, although I somehow doubt the girl is submissive enough to lick your boots."

"Tessa." He snapped his fingers, and a shadow detached itself from the wall, becoming a thin, dark-haired girl dressed all in black. "Make sure our Miss Frost doesn't go running off anywhere for anymore school reunions or holidays, will you? A little isolation from her old school chums will at least be amusing."

"As you command, Shaw," she answered, bowing and backing out of the room as Selene snorted.

"You're sending a teenager to do a woman's job," she sneered. "Is she really that good in bed, Shaw?"

"She's that good at making the impossible happen," he replied, waving her off. "Don't be disgusting, Selene. My little sage has a perfect memory and the mind of a computer. Giving her these little tasks between the larger games keeps her mind sharp."

"Now," --a serving girl entered, eyes on the floor as she carried a tray with a bottle of wine and glasses to her masters. "Let's work on real business, Selene, and cease your tantrum. How goes your 'Nova Roma' project?"

[OOC: Emma's been cut-off Portalocity-wise as of this post! Phone/email still work (for now) but no one's getting in or out of her universe.]


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