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After Emma had seen Christian off on Saturday, she had gone back to the hotel, shut her door, turned off the lights, and gone to bed.

There had been no sobbing, hysterics, or screaming at the world about how unfair it was. She had taken a shower, washed and dried her hair, put on her pajamas, and gone to sleep. Sunday had been spent sitting on the bed, doing her readings for the next week since portals on Sunday typically cost more than on Tuesday, and Emma was trying to save on her trips back-and-forth to Fandom.

But this was Monday, and Monday meant certain social obligations had to be met after she had called into her Monday fencing class, faking a cough for the professor's answering machine. If there was one class she could get away with skipping, it was that one. She was already more than adept at her chosen sport, after all, and had been acting more as the TA than a general student for the last few semesters.

But it was still Monday, which meant appearances had to be kept up in between bouts of homework and manipulating the stock market. Hair brushed and styled, fashionable pantsuit, adorable shoes. And, of course, the New York Times.

A girl had to have priorities.

[OOC: Open for calls/texts/etc before she heads over to the Nest for the afternoon/evening.]


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