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I've got a few days near the end of summer where I may need a hand, so Emma's looking for a TA, despite class being at the Community Center!

So! What, exactly, would you be getting in to?
What are psionics? How do they work? And what can you do to keep someone out of your head?

Looking at the different forms psionic manifestation can take, Emma Frost will dispel rumors, educate, and attempt to teach some manner of psychic etiquette to those who lack innate abilities. This class is for beings of all levels and familiarity with the subject matter, talented or headblind, and everyone is welcome.

Emma knows you want to learn how to keep her out of your brain. Don't deny it; she can hear you. And you. And, yes, you.

She's going to do you one-better: She's going to show you how the game is rigged, why you'll never win, but how you can cheat like hell and not end up in the situation in the first place. Class will cover telepathy, telekinesis, precognition/clairsentience/clairvoyance, how to spot a faker, empathy, the astral plane, and other topics as requested.

That means Emma needs An Example to use during some classes. DUM DUM DUM!!!

So if you're interested, drop me a message here! Comments screened, questions will be unscreened.


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