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The sun had barely begun to set when the house on Apocalypse Avenue lit-up like a small supernova. Each of the zombie lawn gnomes each had their own little candle in a cup, and the walk up to the house was strewn with fairy lights between the trees.

In the backyard, you would find wine, mead, fresh fruit, sparklers, and pretty much anything else required for your midsummer solstice party. There was more food in the kitchen, of course, and rather than the traditional bonfire, the residents had rigged their own burning sun in the center of the backyard.

Merry meet and welcome on the longest day!

[Open! If you think you got an invitation, you did! Townies, students, alumni, teachers...all welcome. Up ridiculously early for maximum SP.]
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Sometimes a girl just needed a little down time, and so tonight Emma was reading the latest paper on human evolution and mutation by one Dr. Moira MacTaggart, which had recently - for her time - been published.

It was...well, she was occasionally yelling back at it or shaking the journal.

"Stop! Go back! Dammit, I want more on the triggers and symptoms of adolescent manifestation!"

In other words, another evening at the Nolan & Frost Home for Wayward Fandomites.

[OOC: Looking for some boys, but totally open for calls, texts, visitors.]


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